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We've been there, and we've done it... 


Under your care, your children are growing and learning day by day. For their education, you have dedicated so much of your time and energy. And yet, in today's modern society, kids must learn additional skills in addition to their traditional education in order to thrive in a world of diverse interests and talents.

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that even after years of lessons, your children still have not mastered techniques, or even struggle with music reading? Even though your children may not pursue music professionally in the future, the skillbuilding that comes with music requires years of education and practice. Therefore, standard training is necessary in order for both to save both time and finances.
Our teachers have received rigorous and professional training since their youths and possess a plethora of teaching and performance experience. They have already successfully cultivated music enthusiasts and talented players with their direction.

Ms. Fay Fay 
Our Founding Story


In 2005, Fay Fay opened the first Chinese music studio in Philadelphia Chinatown, FayFay Music. Her goal was to serve Chinese American communities in the Greater Philly area by facilitating musical studies for both children and adults, providing quality lessons for students as an extracurricular, and hosting summer classes and camps. Both students and teachers dedicate themselves to a variety of Chinese cultural performing arts activities. From concerts for the Mid-Autumn Festival or New Year, to events such as annual community gatherings and performances for the elderly, you will see our footsteps wherever you go.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

636 Caley Road | King of Prussia, PA | 19406 |

Ms. Fay Fay Yuan: (484) 686-0979 | Ms. Tiffany Tan: (484) 288-9087

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